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Cambridge Academy of English (CAE) - Language School England

Cambridge Academy of English (CAE)

English courses at our language school in Cambridge

Cambridge Academy of English (CAE) is an English language school in Cambridge which offers year-round English courses for Adults and Professional students, as well as summer English courses for Junior and Teenage students.

English Courses

CAE offers a variety of English language courses: Adult Intensive / Examination Course during spring, autumn and winter, Adult Summer Course during summer, English for Law Course, English for Business Executive Courses for professionals, and summer English courses for Juniors and Teenagers .

Student Activities

England is our Classroom

The motto at CAE is "England is our Classroom", and the school is dedicated to taking students out of the classroom to participate in excursions and cultural activities.

There are all kinds of original and exciting events in and outside the school most nights of the year (and every night during the summer!).

More information about school activities

Price Quote

At CAE, the standard of quality is assured by the following organizations:

International Association of Language Centres English UK British Council Quality English

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